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Prolific Dachshunds  pups home:  Your Favorite Dachshund Puppy Breeder Our Dachshund Puppies are raised in New Orleans Louisiana – sold and shipped to all 50 states. If you’re looking to find a Dachshund Puppy Breeder offering the finest of quality Dachshund Puppies for Sale, you are visiting the right place. At Prolific  Dachshund Puppies, you will find a wide variety from Mini Dachshund Puppies to the ever popular English Cream Dachshund Puppies for Sale. Prolific Dachshunds is known for our excellence in breeding practices. This is proven through hundreds of satisfied customers who come to us to get their Miniature Dachshund Puppies, as well as the very chocolate Dapple Dachshund Puppies. As a Dachshund Breeder, we have developed a well known expertise in producing beautiful, mild tempered Dachshund Puppies. Our Dachshund Puppies for Sale have become cherished family pets for families from all over this area. Quality Dachshund Puppies for Sale in Louisiana also serves all other states. We are in driving distance from TEXAS, ARKANSAS, MISSISSIPPI, , and some parts of  Florida. If you live outside the driving range, we offer shipping services via United and Delta ( see shipping). Miniature  Dachshund Puppies for Sale is a very popular choice. Miniature  Dachshund Puppies make great companions and have the funniest personalities. We have truly fallen in love with  Dachshund Puppies.

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prolific dachshund Pups is dedicated to providing a nice breed with both good collected conformation and temperaments. Temperament is as important factor when producing a quality dog; not only do you want a healthy well collected conformation but also a sound and good grounded temperament. This helps enable our customers/families with a Dachshund who has the opportunity to produce intelligence of mind, devotion, and a good capability To give you the joy and happiness you deserve.
smart and do well in competing in various competitions as well. If you are not familiar with the breeds and/or have any questions please feel free to Contact us.


As a Dachshund Breeder, we have developed a well known expertise in producing beautiful, mild tempered Dachshund Puppies. Our Healthy Puppies for Sale have become cherished family pets for families from all over this area.  Puppies for Sale in USA also serves all other states. We are in driving distance from Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and some parts of Kentucky and Florida. If you live outside the driving range, we offer shipping services via United and Delta ( see shipping).

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The word “icon” is terribly overworked, but the Dachshund—with his unmistakable long-backed body, little legs, and big personality—is truly an icon of purebred dogdom. Dachshunds can be standard-sized (usually 16 to 32 pounds) or miniature (11 pounds or under), and come in one of three coat types: smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired.

Dachshunds aren’t built for distance running, leaping, or strenuous swimming, but otherwise these tireless hounds are game for anything. Smart and vigilant, with a big-dog bark, they make fine watchdogs. Bred to be an independent hunter of dangerous prey, they can be brave to the point of rashness, and a bit stubborn, but their endearing nature and unique look has won millions of hearts the world over.


Generally a healthy breed, the Dachshund can be expected to live 12 to 16 years with proper care, so long as he’s kept on a good diet and has enough exercise to maintain good muscle tone. To prevent disc damage to the Dachshund’s long back, be vigilant about keeping him from becoming overweight, and always monitor his activities to avoid back injury. Like most dogs with drop ears, Dachshunds can get ear infections if their ears aren’t kept clean.

Recommended Health Test from the National Breed Club:

*Patella Evaluation
*Ophthalmologist Evaluation
*Cardiac Exam

We groom top quality miniature dachshund puppies

The care and conditions of our dogs are paramount to us. We take pride in raising healthy, happy, quality bred puppies. This is why we offer a lifetime health guarantee. Our puppies are introduced to a doggy door to start potty training when they begin walking. They are up to date on all vaccinations and dewormings! Your new addition will also come with their own microchip. We are here to help you find your perfect four legged family addition or friend. We provide support and guidance you might not find elsewhere
Dachshunds are moderate shedders, relatively clean, and have little or no body odor. The breed’s grooming needs vary with the three coat types. Smooth-coated Dachshunds are somewhat “wash and wear,” needing little beyond a wipe with a towel or hound glove to look dapper. Longhaired Dachshunds may require more frequent brushing, depending on the thickness of the coat. The Wirehaired coat can be plucked or hand-stripped several times a year to look its best, but beyond that is easy to maintain between groomings with occasional trimming of the beard and eyebrows and brushing or combing once or twice a week. All Dachshunds should have their nails trimmed every month.

Results of our veterinarians health examination of your puppy will be presented to you in advance of puppy leaving our care.  This veterinarian health report gives you third party professional assessment of your puppy's current health condition.  Should any health problem be detected during this examination you are given the option to decline purchase of puppy and receive a refund in full.

A deposit of $500.00 will hold the puppy of your choice until that puppy is ready to join his/her new family.  All deposits are non-refundable with the exception of a puppy being found to have a health condition at his/her veterinarian examination.

The following purchase agreement/guarantee requires your signature at time of purchase. 


Our Purchase Agreement/Guarantee

Guarantee: Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. The Buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within two (2) days of receipt of the puppy excluding Sunday and holidays. A copy of the examination (vet report) must be sent to the Seller by e-mail within four (4) days of receipt of the puppy. Failure to comply will render this guarantee void.

2. The Buyer is responsible for the daily health care and maintenance of the pet, including all immunizations and examinations recommended after purchase, as well as providing necessary medication and follow-up treatments from veterinarian visits. Buyer agrees to keep puppy on current diet for one year from the date puppy is received by buyer. In order for the guarantee to remain in effect you must keep receipts and records to verify that you have taken your pet to a duly licensed veterinarian for checkups and all required immunizations and kept puppy on current diet.

3. In the unlikely event of the death of the puppy within one (1) year from its birth due to genetics, the Seller shall replace the pet with another of equivalent value at no cost to the Buyer within 120 days. If a puppy of equivalent value is not available or at Seller's discretion a refund of purchase price of original puppy may be issued.  All conditions set forth in paragraph 17 shall apply.

4. If the Buyer declines the replacement puppy, then the Seller shall be under no further obligation and it will be deemed that the Buyer has released the Seller from any and all further claims.

5. In case of severe knee, elbow or hip dysplasia, the radiograph should be permanently identified in the film emulsion with: registered name and/or number, name of the veterinarian or hospital making the film, date of radiograph taken. Furthermore, the radiograph and report must meet OFA's standard submission requirements.

6.The value of the puppy for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price of the puppy, and does not include shipping costs, health certificate, shipping crate or any additional prices declared by the Buyer.

7.This guarantee is non-transferable. In the event this guarantee is exercised, the registration papers must be returned to the Seller.

8. All puppies are sold as pets; (not intended to be used for breeding purposes). No guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, coat type, markings or breeding ability.

9. The Seller is solely responsible for supplying the registration papers for registered pups. All registration papers will be marked limited registration.  Any costs to obtain new or renewal registration papers are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. If the papers are lost, the Seller will assist the Buyer in obtaining new papers at the Buyer's expense.

10.The Seller makes every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the website regarding the puppies they sell. The Seller is not responsible for typographical or photographical errors.

11. The final determination of puppies readiness for pickup is made by the Seller and the Seller’s veterinarian, with the health of the puppy being the overriding factor.

12. In the event of any litigation in connection with this contract, both the Seller and the Buyer shall each be responsible for their own attorney's fees and costs. The venue and jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to this contract shall lie exclusively in West Plains, Howell County, MO. In the event the Buyer prevails in litigation, the total awarded value shall not exceed the value of the original purchase price.

13. An administrative fee of $500.00 shall be retained by the Seller should the Buyer decide to cancel anytime prior to shipping. This fee is to reimburse the Seller for out-of-pocket expenses and overhead costs associated with the transaction.

14. Transportation/Pickup of the puppy is the responsibility of the Buyer. Once the puppy leaves Seller's care total responsibly for the health and well being of puppy is Buyer's responsibility. Show-Me Puppies will not be held liable for puppy during transit either by 3rd party carrier or by individual.

15. The Seller disclaims any and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness.

16. Seller will not accept any returns of said puppy for any monetary refund, including but not limited to allergy, Landlord/Tenant, marital, or adjustment problems, etc. If the Buyer must return the puppy for any reason, it will be on a surrender basis only with no refund or credit.

Limitations of Guarantee:

17. The dog must be in good physical condition. In the unlikely event said puppy is found to have a genetic defect that is life-threatening, a statement from 2 different licensed DVM's (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) of Buyer's choosing confirming such an event and cause is required before any action will be taken by the Seller. Seller reserves the right to a third opinion of Seller's choosing to determine the genetic defect. If this guarantee is exercised and a replacement puppy is given then the original puppy must be returned to the Seller. All shipping costs are paid by the Buyer. No replacement will be given if the dog has been bred. All laboratory verification must be done by a licensed, DVM, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine. No replacement will be given if breeds that are known to be prone to hip dysplasia are over weight or over exercised. No replacement will be given if the registration application form has expired. Failure of the Buyer to provide puppy with timely inoculations or regular veterinary care will void this guarantee. This guarantee does not cover any veterinarian costs. The Buyer is aware that owning a puppy means frequent visits to a licensed veterinarian and understands that he/she will be responsible for all payments. This guarantee does not cover any of the following conditions: intestinal parasites (Coccidiosis, Giardia, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Roundworms or Ringworms) Kennel Cough, Pneumonia, Ear Mites, Skin Mites, Mange (Sarcoptic, Demodectic or Cheyletiella), Cherry Eye, Allergies, Herniations (Inguinal, Perineal, or Diaphragmatic), Heart Murmur grades I, II or III, Patella Luxation grades I, II or III, Entropion, "loose hips", skin allergies, elongated soft palate, small trachea. This guarantee does not cover any veterinarian costs associated with spaying or neutering, including undescended testes. You must follow sellers recommended nutritional program, including feeding only premium dog foods. You must retain all receipts for food to show you are abiding by this guarantee. All dogs must not be over exercised during their growth period. Over exercising is as follows: running with the dog or jumping the dog. All the above mentioned conditions must be met or all guarantees above mentioned will be void. Temperament issues are not covered under this guarantee as they can be caused by a lack of training, discipline or proper dog socialization. The owner is responsible for all transportation costs to and from the Seller. If within one (1) year from date of birth, a dog is found and certified by two (2) duly licensed Veterinarian doctors to have life threatening genetic disorders which adversely affect the health of the animal, and if Breeder is notified within two (2) business days of the veterinarian's determination, the breeder will provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value. The seller is not responsible for any veterinarian fees, shipping costs or any other associated costs. Seller sells pets for companion purposes only. Seller does not guarantee against low-blood sugar (Hypoglycemia), or any other non-life threatening illnesses common to puppies. 

18. This agreement represents the total agreement between the Seller and the Buyer and no other terms or conditions shall be valid to this sale. The Buyer has read this agreement and agrees to the terms and conditions herein.

I, the purchaser of a puppy from Show-Me Puppies, LLC, hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this document. Further, I accept the terms and conditions of the guarantee for the genetic disorders printed in this document, and I waive and relinquish any other rights that I might otherwise have in the event of such occurrence. This agreement represents the total agreement between Show-Me Puppies LLC, and the buyer and no other terms or conditions shall be valid to this sale.

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